Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Same house and same people and just like any other Sunday except it is Easter so I tried to make the day more special for the special day. Start off with a spring green table cloth with white dishes and gerber daisys for the center piece. Menu of ham, funeral potatoes, baked beans, lime jello salad and hot rolls.

Always the time of year to start using the screen doors so that means a clean patio is necessary too. Hose the tile and vacuum the furniture. So, sitting outside the little boys decided they might want to try swimming. The water temperature is 66 degrees. They gave it a good try but obviously decided it is much too early to be swimming!

Tatum enjoyed the swinging and looking at the "birds" flying from tree to tree.

Back to school for Chelsea, Chandler and Alvin tomorrow after two weeks of spring break. Our vacation was filled with a few days of yard work, appointments, always things for Alvin to do at the school, a few sick days, and some fun. Next day off will be Friday, April 25.

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