Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fun day with Chandler, Cooper and Tatum

Yesterday we took Stephen and Chelsea to the airport for their "get away" to the LA area until Sunday. Gretchen took off work and we planned a fun full day with the kids. First we went to the to view the "Spring Butterfly Exhibit."
First of all I have to express my regrets that we have no pictures of this day. I did grab the camera as I usually do but had forgotten that the picture disk was in my computer from previous viewing the day before. So, to our disappointment we have no pictures.

The butterflies were in an enclosure filled with flowering plants and tropical greenery. A very pretty site. They said if you would stand really still a butterfly might land on you so Cooper and Chandler stood very still a few times but no landing. Actually, Pa was sitting on a bench and a small blueish white butterfly landed on his shoulder. Tatum and the boys thought that was pretty cool. A nice group of ladies took our picture with their camera and said she would email the picture to us but so far haven't received it. I am sure she will in time but she just doesn't realize that I need it quickly for this blog post.

We then ventured to our next event just across the road to the Phoenix Municipal Stadium for the Diamondback and Oakland Athletics spring training game. It was terribly warm and our great seats, lower level just behind the home base, were too sunny and hot for Tatum's fair skin. So, I scouted out shaded cooler seats in the upper level so Tatum and I could be free of the hot sun. Probably by the third inning Gretchen, Pa, Chandler and Cooper had joined me in this area. We have found that seating is not so strick in spring training games and we were lucky because we ended up with no sunburns. We actually lasted until the "7th inning stretch" where Cooper sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame and then we headed home with tired kids. A little outdoor play time with neighbors, dinner and video game before bedtime rounded out the day. Cooper's favorite part of the day was the butterflies and Chandler liked the ballgame the best. I just liked being together with everybody.

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Stephen & Chelsea said...

Thanks again! We sure did have a good time away and it sounds like the kids didn't even miss us.