Monday, March 3, 2008

I was very cold yesterday (even though it was over 80 degrees outside)

My grandchildren are wonderful even when they give you their sickness. Cooper and Tatum have had the crud for the 3rd time since Christmas and now I also have it for the 3rd time. Saturday night I went to bed with a cough like Coopers but slept OK and woke up with a raspy voice and still the cough. I didn't feel so bad though. After Noon I started to get cold so I covered up in my bed. Still cold so got up and put a sweater over my sweats and long sleeve t-shirt and back to bed with blanket and bedspread pulled up high. Still cold - got up and put socks on my feet and my long red warm bathrobe and huddled under the covers again. Still cold. Something kept telling me to get up and take a hot bath. So, I turned the heater on to warm the bathroom and ran scalding hot water in the tub. I jumped in and it felt good but needed a wet suit for my top half because that was still cold. I started feeling nauseous and light headed. Perhaps too much heat! So, I hurried out and made it back to the bed before I fainted. The only good thing about the bath is that I wasn't cold any more. So, I spent the rest of the day in bed. Gretchen prepared the Sunday dinner which was Tatum's birthday dinner. I had made cupcakes on Saturday afternoon so she did have a birthday celebration.

There is a reason for this story and that is when your little kiddies are sick and "cold" please remember my story and bundle them up!

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Stephen & Chelsea said...

Okay now you are making me feel bad. Like how am I suppose to know they are that cold. I'm still in the clear, I've been a huge germ-a-phobe at school and at home. I won't even sleep in the same bed where Cooper lays (my bed) when he watches cartoons or let my pillow touch his face. So crossing fingers that I don't get it. I definitly want to have fun in Cali next week!