Friday, March 7, 2008

Cup Cakes vs. Sugar Cookies

I have been making cupcakes lately; every since I purchased the cupcake stand a while ago. And, probably because their popular return to the consumer market. After making Tatum's birthday cupcakes the other day I have to put them in the same category as making sugar cookies. I love to eat sugar cookies but I don't expecially like making them because I first of all hate "cutting the butter into the flour" and rolling out the dough is not much fun for me either. But, the decorating part is the worst and perhaps it isn't that I hate it so much but mainly that I am not good at it. I have a friend Karen Bueler who makes the most beautiful sugar cookies. She moved away many years ago but I still remember her decorated Santa Clause cookies that you didn't want to eat because they were so beautiful. Sometimes to accomplish something well you need the right equipment and some talent. I think I have both but what probably defeats me is my pre-set attitude of knowing that the end product will be not pretty to look at.

The same goes with my cupcakes. You spend a great deal of time frosting each cake and buy every available decorations to go with your theme and they are just OK when finished. I looked online to see cupcake decorations and arrived at this conclusion. The new trendy cupcake stores that are opening up across the country aren't decorated with anything creative but rather simple swirls of frosting and some sprinkles. They are selling their cupcakes for the true flavor of the cupcake itself and offering many different varieties. I decided that too is what is important because I can make tasty cakes from stratch. At least that analogy of mine made me feel better!!!

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