Sunday, September 2, 2007

Birthday Idea!

I have been known throughout the years as the "bird lady." Whenever my friends and neighbors have stray or injured birds I am always the first to be called. Yesterday, I got such a call from my friend who lives two cul-de-sacs away. Her frantic call was telling me she had an injured colorful "exotic bird" of some kind in her backyard. I said I would be right there thinking I just might get me a beautiful cockatoo or a colorful conure! It wasn't quite that magnificant however, just a lovebird but still very pretty. I retrieved the friendly but hurting bird, carried it home and tried to nurse him back to health but he later died. But, he defnitely reminded me of our cute lovebird named Cheddar that met his dimise too when Alvin asphyxiated him. (that is another story) So, how about another one - I think I would like that!!!!!


Chelsea said...

So are you requesting a bird for your birthday?! :) I love the hint if that is one!
Happy Sunday! We all love and miss you! We are going to head over to San Antonio for the day and go to Sea World for the Holiday. Stay tuned for a new post on Tuesday!! :)

Jana said...

Yes, it is a hint! I guess you are surprised since I don't usually give any.

Chelsea said...

I guess it's more excitement that I don't have to search through every store for a pair of pajamas that don't contain any blue in them!! I can't wait to bird shop! :)

Stephen & Chelsea said...

You went into that new bird store I told you about didn't you. I knew that if you went you would be coming out wanting another one.

Stephen & Chelsea said...

Isn't he so cute, I wish he still had those big, juicy lips. I miss my baby Chandler.

Cody said...

Chandler was one cute little dude! Still is but I wish they would stay little. I get sad each day at how big Carter and Cash are getting. I really don't want them to grow up, because I will never have little ones again. No need to worry I guess as they will be a blast when they are older too, I just think I will be sad when I can no longer hug, kiss and cuddle them anymore.

How did you let us grow up Mom? You are a stronger person than I am. Maybe I will start giving Carter and Cash tons of coffee in an attempt to stunt their growth! hehe

As for the bird Hoorah! No more pajama hunting!

I love ya Mom and tell Dad I love him too!