Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sitting on a Fence!

I told you I would be sitting on my back fence after the 3rd injection. I am sure glad those painful shots are finished. I did discover it hurt less if given on the right side of knee instead of the left. Also, the doctor informed me I wouldn't see results until two long months after the last injection. So, I'll wait it out - nothing left to do but just sit.


Chelsea said...

2 months?!?! Just don't start waking up the neighbors. I know if my dad hears you, well, he owns a few guns...I would be very sad....
I wonder why it makes a difference with what side it goes on! Crazy!

And for once I can say...See ya tomorrow!!!!!!!!! :)

Cody said...

Make sure Dad throws out some feed for you each morning. It also looks like we are going to be stuffing you when you die and putting you on top of Chelsea and Stephens cupboards in her kitchen for decoration. Just like you did with the stuffed roosters of Granny's in your kitchen!

hahahahaha that is a funny image!

I love ya and make sure Chelsea comes back to me and the Dude's.