Monday, September 17, 2007

COLD WATER buddy boys!

Heads up to my swimming buddies, and you know who you are! We went swimming last Saturday, September 15 and the water temperature was 88 degrees. We went swimming on Labor Day, September 3 and the water temperature was 92 degrees. So, in just 12 days the temperature dropped 4 degrees. That really doesn't seem like much of a drop but it does make a difference when you compare 92 degrees to "bath water" and 88 degrees to being a "little cold." Now, that is not my description of the water in our last swim but Chandlers as he said, "Oh, it is cold!" It was, but I told him just to swim and he would get warmer; which he did.

But, my point is that with the cooler nights and shorter days the pool water will dip fast so perhaps our good times of swimming this season may be over. (at least in Nana's pool) I'll miss the fun times I have had with you boys and Chandler I will ask your Pa if we can increase the length of our pool so you can swim longer than the 36 feet next summer.


Chelsea said...

I am glad it's cooling down for you guys!
That is so funny that Chandler wants the pool longer! :)

Chelsea said...

Your tickers are so cute! So I need to hear more about your NY trip plans. All I know is that you are going. You have the funnest month ahead of you! Where is your birthday ticker?! :)