Friday, September 14, 2007

Tatum - Tatum - Tatum

Trouble - Trouble - Trouble! Tatum is just learning to explore and she found my scrap balls of yarn and just wouldn't leave them alone. In no time she had her little body all wrapped up. Like we always say - why do we buy toys? The answer to that questions is easy; grandmothers just do.


Chelsea said...

Sweet Little Tatum did this?! I still feel like she is too tiny to be mobile. It is sad being away from everyone, but especially her. We will miss all of "firsts". Since she is free to fly can you bring her when you come??!! :)
And p.s.: We love that you provide our entertainment!!! What would we do with out you? I guess we would still be playing with old pez dispensers and tupperware!! :) We love and miss you!

Stephen & Chelsea said...

I'v always said she's been trouble since day one.